Ok, before we begin….that pantry is awesome and they obviously do not have children…or pets….or guests…ever.

But here we are in the kitchen.  This is the heart of the home and where we spend most of our time.  It’s the central area where the kids hang out after school and where the refrigerator door is held open and the kids mumble, ‘there’s nothing to eat’.

It’s a place for family meetings, bill-paying or perhaps even game night.  And since a lot of traffic flows through the kitchen, keeping it organized is essential, so mommy doesn’t come undone….and it doesn’t take much to make mommy come undone, these days….

Actually, organizing your kitchen is easy and once done it will definitely make life easier.  Even the smallest kitchen can be efficient and enjoyable and it is so important to have your central room organized so everyone in the family knows where things are and can easily help with food preparation and cleanup….(ok, let’s be honest here…the helping with cleanup part made me laugh).

Start by putting things where you use them rather than where they fit best.  For example, place your glasses and cups near the sink and the coffee maker on the counter underneath.  Now when you stumble into the kitchen you can reach up for the coffee mug and pour in that deliciousness without moving.  As moms of special needs children, we don’t have the money or time to run to Starbucks.  In fact, let’s go one step farther.  Get a coffee maker with a timer so in the morning you wake up to the smell of coffee brewing.  Or if you don’t feel like buying a new coffee maker, then go ahead and get the coffee brewing while you sit and read your Bible and/or devotion for the morning.  You may have to wake up a little earlier to have your quiet time but once you get into this routine you will find yourself looking forward to the quiet moments with your Savior.

If your counter space is limited, store your wooden spoons, spatulas, and wire whisks in a pretty vase.  Most people buy the stainless steel container for their kitchen tools, but I think a bright vase is a much better choice.  Plus, I’m sure you can find a great one at a garage sale or even Goodwill.

Lazy Susan’s and tiered shelves are excellent for storing condiments and canned goods in your pantry.  I use  Lazy Susan’s in the fridge, in the bathroom under the sink or in those corner cabinets.  You will be amazed at all the different uses you’ll find for lazy Susan’s!  (here’s where that name originated).

You can find more household organizing tips in my book, Special Kids, Chosen Moms.  There are natural cleaning tips, recipes, Scriptures to feed the soul and much, much more!!   I hope you take time to check it out on Amazon, available in paperback and Kindle.

Now, let’s get organized!!


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