Does this sound familiar to you?

“Ugh.  I’m so tired.  Surely God sees all that I’m doing and understands if I just say a quick prayer here and there throughout my day.  My life is so complicated right now with my kids and my schedule.”

Hello, spiritual apathy.

We live in a culture that promotes busyness and self-indulgence and are using our special needs family as an excuse for not spending quality time with Christ.  Moms, spending time with Jesus is exactly what need!  It’s the spiritual fuel that He has provided for us that gives us that refreshment and peace our bodies and soul needs.

Corrie ten Boom said, “Don’t pray when you feel like it.  Have an appointment with the Lord and keep it.”  In fact she has many amazing quotes that have made there way around Pinterest.   But I believe she is saying here that if we have a habit of praying whenever we “feel like it”, we can be certain that our relationship with Jesus will suffer.

Have you prayed about your prayer time?  Have you asked God to enable you to make time in the morning before your day actually begins for the strength to get out of bed and have some quality time with Him?  Ladies, He will give you that strength! 

Your morning devotion time is the ultimate way to nullify or deny self.  Yes, it is a discipline that involves stumbling into the kitchen to grab that coffee and Bible, but,  my sweet tired mother, you are giving God the first say over your time and priorities!  You are starting out the day in the sweet presence of Jesus!  How can that be wrong?

Psalm 32:8, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.

As mothers of special needs children we have to totally rely on God.  These illnesses that our special needs children have are way beyond what we can help, so we must pray!  And when we pray, we need to be careful not to pray with a demanding or complaining attitude.  We need to lean into God.  Ask for greater love, a sensitive spirit and wisdom in relating to others.  Every detail matters to God and He cares about you deeply.

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