Well, friends, I always feel the necessity to share when I screw up and it happens far more than you know…which means I haven’t actually been sharing….oops.

But I would never want to act ‘holier’ than others or give the impression that because I’m a Christian I sin…less.

In fact, that is WHY I get up before the sun rises and HOW I am refreshed with His Word of grace, forgiveness and mercy. HE is why I’m so happy all the time – my joy is found in my Savior.

Basically I need Jesus, coffee then people, in that order.

As I type these words I am on a plane to Maui with my husband, kids and grandkids. Ahh…the perks of Spring Break .. We are all so ready.

So this morning I was reading about how as a Christian we are called to be different...set apart from the unbelieving world and to be a light for Jesus.

Pffftt….easy peasy. This will be a piece of cake because I’ll be in my own little space on the plane and can just sit and let passengers pass by and admire  my ” light” and “my great attitude toward everything.”

Lamentations 3:22-23 says, ““The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”

Y’all. I need His mercy each and every day.

And especially today. Sigh..



Before we left the house, I made sure my headphones had new batteries (I like to be tethered to my iPad rather than wireless) and my music was downloaded for the long 6 hour flight.

My husband, who is technologically challenged like me, decided to go with the wireless headphones. So now everything is charged and ready to go! We both have the ‘over the ear’ style to drown out the engine noise, babies crying and just settle into a little quiet time.



Picture, if you will, me sitting by the window and organizing myself for our flight. I’ve already wiped down the arm rests, tray and anything else that bare skin could come in contact with. I may or may not have wiped down Jimmy at the same time. My carry on is at my feet and I’m very busy setting up my space….humming an old hymn. I wonder if my ‘light’ is blinding?

After getting out my headphones, I put them on and start playing my newly downloaded praise music. I can tell it is going to be a good flight because there’s an outlet at my seat for drained devices and my order of hot tea is on its way.


Hubby on the other hand is not looking too happy. Poor thing. It seems that his wireless headphones aren’t connecting to his Bluetooth. (Yikes, I think I may have outwardly snickered….no, that was probably just in my head….MY light is shining).

I try to go back to my iPad; specifically my YouVersion Bible app, but honestly, I love this man too much to watch him being defeated by a wireless connection. I lean over and take his headphones and try to ‘pair’ them to his iPad…..then his iPhone….then my iPhone…nothing. We are picking up everyone else’s device but not his or mine.

Well“, I say, ” Here, want mine?” I say this with that same smirk I used just moments before and he looks up at me and says, “Yes“.



This is coming from a man that never EVER takes from me. A man that always makes sure everyone is taken care of FIRST, then takes last place. A man that NEVER puts himself before others.

But, y’all……..he said yes. (They’re mine…)

My light was starting to look a little dulled.

Yes meant that for 6 hours I wouldn’t have my (obviously much needed) Godly music. Yes meant I had to listen to the ramblings of the couple behind me talk about their jobs.

Yes meant I had to be selfless. I wasn’t really ready for yes.

Umm..I think my light just went out…


Enemy: Can you believe that? You had to give up your entertainment for 6 hours! Let’s be angry. Let’s pout and make sure he knows what he’s done and then if he offers them back to you, say no. Those are YOURS! Muhahahaha….

Me: “In your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore” Psalm 16:11

I sat….er….stayed in that tiny bathroom and began to think of scriptures to throw back into the enemy’s face. I remembered my time with Jesus just hours earlier. I saw how trivial and petty I was acting. UGH…. But then…


The more I said aloud verses to drown out this ugly attitude, the more confident I became and the less I heard the negative jabs. In this newly created prayer closet it felt as if I removed cold, muddy clothes for a clean, fresh set! I can choose well! I have the power to choose joy over such silliness!

So I said YES. Yes to my love, yes to finally be the giver, and YES. It worked. I began to think about having an undivided heart for Jesus. No more inwardly groaning and whining about things that don’t matter. And wow, surely I couldn’t get any lower than that behavior. See, while Jimmy may not have seen any of this ridiculousness, my attitude and behavior was being played out on the big screen before God.

Lesley Ludy in her book, The Set-Apart Woman says, ” True set-apartness causes us to joyfully lay down everything we have and everything we are at His feet without hesitation; simply because He is worthy.”


Coming down the narrow aisle of the plane I see my husband, with my neon pink Beats headphones on his head, eyes closed and listening to Diana Ross belt out her tunes…smiling.

I thought my heart would burst all over Row One. God’s was calling me to a greater level of set-apartness by starting in my own little space I had carved out near the window.


I am thankful to be a morning person. Seeking His face early in the morning will sets the tone for my day. If I hadn’t met with God this morning, my thoughts would be elsewhere and I would be sitting listening to my music all the while denying my husband some well deserved time to relax.

And guess what? I found an extra set of earbuds in my carry on…..and I don’t even care.


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