Ok, that title may be a little misleading.  I don’t mean the lose your breath kind of gasp….or do I?

Let’s start again.

Are you teaching your child to gaze in awe and to look at things that literally take their breath away?  Things that no words can even describe?

WE HAVE A CREATOR.  Sorry for yelling, but this is where we begin.  We have a gracious and incredible God and absolutely everything we need to know is found in the Bible which is God’s Word.  HIS Word.  We should not be looking at just the creation and reveling in it’s beauty…but go deeper.  Where did that creation come from?  WHO made that creation?   GASP!!

If you look closely, there is an awe-moment all around us.  Start with our universe!  Look at the stars, the moon and the planets and think about how they light up the sky and don’t fall on our heads!  That didn’t just happen.  God designed it all and everything points back to Him.

Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  NLT

Are you teaching your children to respect nature by recycling, not littering, planting trees in parks, etc?  While these are good concepts, these are not quite complete until you tell them WHO made the trees and the beautiful blossoms that bloom on them!  What about the smell of the bark?  Who do you suppose made that?  God did!  God made the rough texture of the tree trunk and the delicate leaves on the branches.  Have your child show you an amazing creation of God!!

Everyday and every moment is a teachable awe-moment for us to show our children and grandchildren how much God cares for His creation.  By guiding our little ones to understand how much He loves our world, they can understand how much He loves them.  Each time you give them a piece of fruit or vegetable, talk to them about ways in which God gives us what we need to stay healthy.  At playtime, go outside and talk about the different plants and flowers you see and how God knew to make special seeds for each one of them.  Talk about the different patterns on the flowers and the colors on each little petal.  Give them an awe-moment!!

If you have a special needs child that cannot communicate with you as I did, you can still speak to them as if they understand every word you are saying.  Perhaps they do!  I would talk to my son continuously about Jesus and how He loved him so very much.  I would pray out loud with him and remind him that Jesus was with him even when mommy was not.  I looked for opportunities to point out when the warm sun was on his face (my son was blind) and told him that God made that warm sun just for him!  My intent was to help him develop a feeling of contentment and joy and to realize that God made him unique and special.

We can help our little ones to develop a strong self-esteem based on who they are and to be content and confident with the abilities God gave them by spending a little extra time teaching awe-moments about our Creator.

In his book, Parenting, Paul David Tripp says, ”your work as a parent is a thing of extreme value because God has designed that you would be a principal, consistent and faithful tool in His hands for the purpose of creating God-consciousness and God-submission in your children.” 

Did you have an awe-moment today?  Ask God to show you more ways you can teach your little ones about Him.  Don’t just celebrate the creation…worship the Creator!

Remember….if you don’t teach your child to follow Christ …. the world will teach them not to.



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